GK’S Balee B (9.4 pounds)

Balee is just a fun little girl. She is a super mama and loves her puppies but really wants so attention for herself too. She has fairly long hair in the winter but slicks out fairly smooth in the summer.

Pankonin’s Springtime Shasha (11.7 pounds)
Springtime Shasha is a regal young lady that loves to pose for pictures! She is quite affectionate and one of her favorite past-times is soaking up some warm sun rays.

Pankonin’s Darling Dasha the Doxi Dam (9.0 pounds)   Dasha is a very pretty red female. She loves attention and is just a happy little playful doggie right now! Her parents are Dapper Dan and Balee B.

Pankonin’s Hello Dolly (11.4 pounds & still growing)

Hello Dolly is new here to the Pankonin Farm Kennel but, she sure has grown quite comfortable. She would be perfectly happy just being carried around all day. She is a red, long haired dachshund with some black highlights.

Pankonin’s Long Doggie Dulcie (weight soon to come) We are so excited to introduce Long Doggie Dulcie into our breeding program. She is an outstanding brindle piebald colored girl. Not to mention she is such a funny dog that just adds to her absolute cuteness.


Pankonin’s Daper Dan the Doxi Man (18 pounds)   Pankonin’s Daper Dan the Doxi Man is an AKC registered long hair male. He loves to be involved in everything going on everywhere. He loves to snoop about in all the corners and under every bush in order to see what might be there! He is fairly independent but does like cuddles once in a while.

Pankonin’s Doctor Doxie Doolots (Weight soon to come)   Can you tell we love our red Doxies yet? Doc is very sweet and loves to run the perimeter of his pen playing with his other pen mates.

Pankonin’s Daring Dagwood Doxie(Weight soon to come)    Dagwood is our only Piebald male that we have here at the farm and he surely doesn’t disappoint. His remarkable coloring is sure to produce some outstanding pups, we hope his pups will also get his quirky attitude!

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