Designer Cross Adults


Emma (21.4 pounds)   Emma is a beautiful red Cockapoo female. She and Corporal make totally adorable Cockapoo puppies!

Pankonin’s Kyna of the Celtic Sea (Weight coming soon) Our Kyna is a new addition to our program. We kept her back out of Emma & Corporal’s litter. She is the sweetest girl & encases everything about the Cockapoo breed.

Pankonin’s Peachey Keen (10.0 pounds)   Hello! My name is Pankonin’s Peachey Keen, but you can just call me Peaches. I am a Shichon, which means that one of my parents was a Shih Tzu and the other was a Bichon Frise. Which is why my fur has a wave to it. Have you seen my darling puppies? I am after all the mama to all of the Shichon puppies you see! Thanks for scrolling by to meet me, have a fluffing fantastic day! Your Friend, Peaches

Pankonin’s Downey Soft Charmin (14.3 pounds)   Charmin is a Bichon Frise and just as loveable as can be. She loves to cuddle and teaches her puppies early that snuggling with people is a very fun thing to do!


Pankonin’s Batik Biscuit (8.2 pounds)   Pankonin’s Batik Biscuit is a tiny little toy poodle that usually sires smaller sized puppies.

Pankonin’s Monsieur Poplin Pantaloons (Weight coming soon) Monsieur Poplin is a new addition to our breeding program. He is a miniature poodle who will be the sire to some of our Cockapoo puppies.

Pankonin’s Dusty Coal (11.2 pounds)     Oh, hi there! Gosh, I’m so fluffing excited you all are here!! Bork!! Oops, sorry, I get to excited I bark, it’s kind of a Pomeranian thing. So, anyways… Bork! My name is Dusty or Pankonin’s Dusty Coal if you’re feeling professional. I can be a bit energetic & loud but I’m just trying to grasp your attention. Bork! As, I hate to miss out on anything. Especially, hooman love & affection, that’s the best. I guess you could sum it up in one simple phrase: Love me, feed me, & never leave me.                                                                                        Happy Borking, Dusty

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