Pankonin’s Niece Nancy (33.8 pounds) Nancy is a funny little girl that is just full of spunk! She loves to play and it took her a little time to decide that puppies were an okay thing to have around! She has turned into a great mama and her puppies are always fat little balls of fur!

Pankonin’s Sister Sally (37 pounds) Sally is a dark faced female with really nice silver markings. She is Pankonin’s Dashing Daddy Doogan and Pankoin’s Sister Suzy’s daughter.

Pankonin’s Sister Suzy (38 pounds)   Pankonin’s Sister Suzy is the grand lady of the Keeshonds. She is a super mama and grandma to a lot of our puppies!

Pankonin’s Memaw Myra (22.3 pounds & growing)   We are just in love with Pankonin’s Sister Suzy’s pups, we just had to add her pup, Myra into our breeding program. She is such a playful little girl, but watch out for your fingers! She is the best of friends with our female Golden, Maisy. They spend their days lounging around in the grass and chewing on each others’ tails.


Pankonin’s Family Guy (45 pounds)
Family Guy is a happy go lucky fellow with tons of personality. He loves his people and is very curious about the puppies.

Pankonin’s Papa Oakie Pantaloons (28.6 pounds and growing)
  Can you spot Oakie? His favorite things to do are play hide and seek and play hide and seek. However, we’ll forgive him because he is such a ball of cuddles once you do find him! Oakie has an incredible Pedigree and we look forward to what pups he will sire.

Pankonin’s Chip off the Old Block (29.4 pounds & still growing)
  No, he isn’t a Koala, he’s our little Keeshond from Pankonin’s Niece Nancy and Pankonin’s Dashing Daddy Doogan. We aren’t exaggerating when we say Chip thinks he is attention deprived. Poor guy doesn’t feel as if 24 hours a day is enough love and affection. With his affectionate personality, I think it’s safe to say his puppies will be just the same.

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