Shiba Inu


Pankonin’s Spicey Girl Too (28 lbs)
Spicey is a wonderful mama to her puppies. She always raises really chubby little pups. She loves kids and plays with them every chance she gets but when she is done she is one of the few Shiba’s I know that loves to snuggle!

Pankonin’s Red Sioux Dawn Arising (27.0 pounds) Dawn is a very busy Shiba, she checks out her whole world all the time! She plays with her puppies just like she was a puppy herself!

Pankonin’s Indian Summer (21.0 pounds) Summer has been raised here since she was born to our darling Wanda! We just fell in love with Summer and couldn’t bear to let her go. She has now been introduced into our breeding program and will have puppies just as gorgeous. 

Pankonin’s Wanda Whitefeather (16 pounds) Wanda is a good mama to her babies. She loves them but when it is time to wean them she is DONE!


Pankonin’s Shoshoni Firewalker (32.4 pounds) Fire Walker is the happiest dog known to man! He loves to smile at people and really wants everyone who comes to pet him and admire how handsome he is. He is a beautiful red sesame fellow and sires gorgeous puppies!

Pankonin’s Bannock Black Hawk (23.4 pounds)    Hawk is one of the newer additions to our breeding program and is absolutely gorgeous. He has a deep black face and a very nice coat. Hawk has a very superb & outstanding personality, and is fun to watch wander around his surroundings!

Pankonin’s Mandan Mowgli (weight coming soon) Mowgli is a stunning Red Sesame pup out of Pankonin’s Spicey Girl Too & Pankonin’s Bannock Bramble. Once he is full grown he will be introduced into our breeding program.

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