Pankonin Farm Kennel

Our farm is home to Great Pyrenees, Shiba Inus, Shih Tzus, Golden Retrievers, Dachshunds, Poodles, Keeshonden and an occasional designer mixes. We have been raising dogs for over 30 years and they are our pride and joy! We work hand in hand with our local vet, Dr. Shannon Jensen,  to make sure our dogs are the healthest and happpiest dogs around. We welcome visitors and encourage people to come and meet our dogs and ourselves. Please call ahead so we are for sure home and have time for tours.

We are licensed with the State of Nebraska Bureau of Animal Industry. We have a USDA license so we can ship. We are members of the United Pet Professional Association and the South Dakota Breeders Club (even though we live in Nebraska!).

Where are we located?

Our farm sits just four miles west of Grant, NE. We are about three hours East of Denver, CO. If you are coming from Denver there are two ways of getting here. We have found the fast way is to come out of Denver on I-76 and come East to Sterling. Get off at Sterling and come East on Highway 6 to Holyoke. Once you get to Holyoke turn North (left) at the stop light (there is only one in the town) and go about 1 mile. Highway 23 starts there and comes into Nebraska. It goes right by my house. Stay on Highway 23 through Amherst, Venango and Brandon. All of Nebraska’s country roads are numbered and our road number is 324. It is 14 miles from the Colorado/Nebraska state line. Once you find Road 324 turn South (right) and we are on the corner. Ours is the only place for at least a mile in every direction so we are fairly easy to find! If you are coming from Eastern Nebraska come to Ogallala on I-80 and turn off on Highway 61. Go 19 miles to Grant, cross the railroad tracks and at the stop sign turn West. Go 4 miles to road 324 and turn South and you are here! DO NOT TRUST A GPS SYSTEM TO FIND US. OUR COUNTY HAS NOT BEEN MAPPED OUT AND SOME SYSTEMS TAKE YOU TO KANSAS!

Buy a pup & you will buy Love unflinching.

Rudyard Kipling

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